A Bed and Breakfast AND an Art Gallery

Our guest are always surprised to learn that not only are we a B&B but we also showcase several local artists and rotate the artwork a few times a year. There are not many Bed and Breakfasts where you can have your morning coffee and stroll around admiring the art. Let me introduce you to our current artists.

Jessica Apel

My story: Originally from Weatherford, TX, my journey to the world of art began with a box of crayons, and my mom’s printer paper. I was probably about 5 to 6 years old, and had an obsession with flowers. Being a kid from the country, flowers are all around you, so that is what I drew! As I grew older, and made the decision to put my feet in the art world, I was introduced to many different artists that fueled my passion for painting. Life was a little rough on me for a while, and I spent a lot of time alone when I moved out to the city. This solitude and the influence of city life drew me closer to making art honestly, and constantly. Over time, I became enamored with street art, old vinyl record covers, and nonobjective art. I am now a proud student in the painting department at the University of Texas at Arlington.

About my art: I consider my art to be a remix of different styles from the past, as well as my own previous art making. The tendency in my work usually refers back to my past, but in a surreal light. I use mostly acrylic paint, and my primary focus as of now, is mixed media, collage, and nonobjective art. I try to communicate an idea without giving any recognizable forms to the audience, and let the colors and shapes speak for themselves. Always experimenting, my style changes every day.

Jessica has a large abstract painting and a collage at the b&b currently, but we would like to collect more from her to display….Jessica?


Hope Helms

My art is an expression of my thoughts on hope and beauty in the the midst of a world full of darkness and pain. It is a way I exercise my soul to look beyond the darkness, to appreciate the layers, beauty, and complexities in life – believing that humanity as a whole has been given a purpose. I paint a variety of realism and abstract botanical pieces, the detailed paintings are my favorite!

The name of my company, Sons & Heirs, holds a beautiful meaning to me because of my Christian faith. It is a term used to describe being adopted by God as an heir with Christ, which has changed my life. Then in 2015 our family began the adoption journey to bring home a sibling group from Costa Rica. As we were faced with the mountain of expenses, a desire grew in my heart to combine my passion for adoption and art as a means to raise funds for our adoption. So essentially, adoption is the inspiration behind Sons & Heirs Art Co. I want my art to have a bigger impact than just hanging on a wall, and it is my hope that by opening this shop there will be greater awareness for adoption and beauty around and in the world.

What an amazing story, you wouldn’t know her struggles staring into her beautiful watercolored flowers and leaves, they are so peaceful.


Lydia Williams

About my art:

The “Gold All Awash” collection began as an experiment. An experiment to see how oil and acrylic paint would mix. The experiment quickly turned into discovery, and discovery brought forth a beautiful result. The “Gold All Awash” collection uniquely challenges the simple rules placed before artists and creators alike. Using modern colors and hues, it exposes the beauty that can be created through discovery and curiosity. As you view these paintings, observe how the oil and water interact to create a single thought-provoking image.

-My Story:

In 2011 I told people I couldn’t draw. Paintings, I said, was impossible and sculpture was absolutely out of the question. As a child, I had sworn that I would be better than Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and Michelangelo combined. However, that ambition had long died out and I no longer had the artist’s drive. Don’t get me wrong, I desperately wished I could paint or sketch anything somewhat recognizable, but I never tried. Finally, in the summer of 2011, I did. I found an antique picture and decided, “what the heck, I’m gunna go for it”. After five hours and a neck ache, I completed my first drawing in nearly 6 years. I absolutely loved it. I kept on sketching for the next few years and discovered different mediums and avenues to display the passions I had cultivated. I participated in every art show at my college and was thrilled to display my work at a local coffee shop. I was inspired by teachers, friends, and the wild outdoors (which is never void of inspiration). I loved every step of my journey. Yes, I started out thinking I was talent-less in the art world. However, I’ve grown to believe I’m not too shabby after all. So here I am. I’m selling paintings, prints and greeting cards. I’m cultivating my relationships with local businesses and artists. I’m working on what I love. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to fully indulge my dream of being as talented as great artists like Da Vinci. But today I’m dreaming, working, and enjoying every step.

I love the simplicity in the line of her hand! Talented in the simplicity!


Cindy found these ladies at Arts Goggle this past year. If you have not been yet it is a must! You can stay at the b&b and walk just  two blocks to the festival on Magnolia Ave! 800+ artists take over Magnolia, along with 50 bands, and 18 blocks of fun. There is something for everyone at Arts Goggle. This event is usually held in October so get ready.

“I put these ladies together because of the subject matter of their work.  I felt it would create a nice vibe, and I loved the idea of an all female show…I was right! I love the way the house/gallery feels with this collection! Just another perk of owning a b&b, I get to meet new artists, curate art shows and host a few great parties a year!” -Cindy Lucio


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