Is the Texas White House haunted?

Is the Texas White House the most haunted bed and breakfast in Texas?

“Haunted,” a matter of opinion, and/or superstition. We have had more inquiries about the paranormal activity in the house than I can count. I always have to be honest, and say that I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary in my 18 months of working here, but, there are many accounts from the past that recount similar incidents in the Lone Star room. There have been a few groups show up with technical paraphernalia, yet, I have not seen any results from those studies.

We are listed in several books and listings for haunted houses- of course they surface in high numbers this time of the year. We like to pride ourselves on the fact that the reports say that the original owner, Mr. Newkirk, is reported to have a “happy presence” in his old bedroom. He seems to be pleased with the way we are taking care of his house and the way we treat our guests, no slamming doors, screams in the night, or lights flashing on and off. A few women that have been traveling alone, have felt a “presence” in the room, a “lifting off the bed” or a “feel as if he walked past me.” We have guests that stay in the Lone Star room because they want to experience some type of supernatural force, and we have a few guests that don’t want to stay in the main house at all, and request the “unhaunted” carriage house in the back yard! Of course, they all are just fine with coming to the dining room for the breakfast spread!

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